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Five decades of hard work, determination & perseverance have seen the vision of our founder become reality.

Today B. Ahmed Hajee Mohiudeen & Sons is backed by a dynamic young group of professionals introduced at top management levels with a progressive eye on the future.



(Logging/Saw Milling/Kiln Drying/Pressure Impregnation Activities)

Saw Milling:

Commencing operations in 1965 with a single band saw, a small timber yard, and the will to survive, we have today grown into one of the largest timber processing mills in south India. Covering an area of over 25 acres and with regular inputs of advanced technology, Mohiudeen saw mills today has the capacity to process large volumes of timber products every single day. 

Our sawn timber is sold all around India and is used in the railways, offshore oil installations, industrial and domestic construction, and ship building. Quality was the obsession for our founder, and the same was inculcated to each and every one down the line. Thus we have become one of the number one plywood/timber brands in India. 


We import large volumes of soft and hardwood timber logs from all over the world, and then we trade in the logs and market them to various plywood industries and saw mills throughtout the country. The imported logs are also processd in our saw mill and supplied to the market throughtout the country.

Kiln drying: 
We have one of the largest 'Kiln drying' facilities in the region. Wood in its natural form contains moisture. The Kiln drying process removes the moisture which results in reduction of weight, dimensional stability, protection from termite infestations, color preservation, smoother finish and longer life.

Kiln drying plays an important role in better utilization of secondary grade species of timber which is an eco-friendly practice resulting in a better environment.

Vacuum pressure treatment:
Through this treatment the low-grade or secondary grade species of timber, which are susceptible to termite attacks, are chemically treated so that the life of the timber lasts longer, thereby benefiting the customers. Timber needs protection, particularly when used outdoors in constant contact with earth and/or water. Secondary grade timber are at risk from fungi, insects and other natural elements. Vacuum pressure treatment can provide lasting protection for these types of timbers - it helps in environmental conservation because the life of Vacuum pressure treated wood is extended which in turn benefits environmental conditions, saves wood consumption. This helps in preserving the nature.

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(Veneering Activity)

Our Veneering plant went on stream in the late 1980's. The plant processes various exotic species of peelable timber imported from different parts of the world. Secondary species of softwood Veneers are chemically treated to enhance the quality and durability of such veneers to high standards. 

We have one of the largest Veneer Drying Processing Plant in South India, and we cater to plywood Industries and flush door Industries. Ours is a company built on trust. From the humble beginnings, we are today, a force to reckon within the plywood and timber business. We always strive to understand the needs of the market and deliver products that go a step beyond expectations.

Our rotary peeled veneers are supplied to plywood factories all over India.



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(Wood based Panel Manufacturing Industry)


Human association with wood began millions of years ago, when the forests were our natural home, providing us with the means of survival-food and shelter. Today the process of evolution has made us the masters of our planet, but our dependence on wood continues, acquiring newer, more sophisticated forms.


Indeed wood today has many an alternative. Yet it has no substitute.

Since inception The BA Group has made rapid strides in business, constantly expanding its portfolio to meet emerging challenges.


Today we are a well diversified conglomerate with activities spanning trading in timber, manufacture of wood based panel products, imports & exports, real estate development, education, healthcare and information technology.


An early pioneer, the BA Group has a standing of over five decades in the wood industry. With experience, expertise and the use of state-of-the-art technology, we produce top quality wood based panel products, known for their superior finish, reliability and durability.


All our products are made from Plantation species namely Silver Oak, Beech, Eucalyptus, sourced from sustainably managed plantations. Which is why we believe our products are approved by Mother Nature.


Our strict adherence to quality and our unflinching dedication to environment-friendly practices is a well known fact and this has enabled us to continue in a position of leadership in the sphere of wood products.


As a responsible corporate citizen, The B. A Group is aware of the delicate relationship humankind shares with nature and is committed to honor its sanctity. So that Mother Earth will continue to be a safe sanctuary for all living beings.



The B.A. brand of wood based panels are currently identified as among the best available in the country and are marketed by an extensive network of retail outlets in major cities like Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune Madras and Chennai, as well as other urban city centres around South India. Our range of Urea and Phenol Formaldehyde bonded panels include

  • Decorative Plywoods
  • Commercial Plywoods
  • Interior grade panels
  • Shuttering Plywoods
  • Marine Plywoods
  • Blockboards
  • Flushdoors
  • Film Faced Plywood
  • Sound Absorbing Plywood
  • Fire Retardant Plywood
  • Finger Jointed Edge Glued Panels

Excellent timber, scientific seasoning and chemical treatment coupled with our stringent quality control checks, both in the production process and in the finished products make them adaptable to hostile environments and variations in atmospheric conditions.

There is little doubt that our products meet the most exacting of professional standards.


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(Real Estate Activity)

B. A Group ventured into real estate development in the late 90's and have developed several projects, which includes Commercial Space, Residential Apartments, Villas and Layouts.


The design and quality of the construction is appreciated by one and all and we will continue to build projects in mangalore and others places throughout India.

Completed Projects

  • Thumbay Apartment
  • A Block




  • Thumbay Apartment
  • B Block




  • Thumbay Arcadia




  • Thumbay Residency




  • Thumbay Plaza




  • Thumbay Manor




  • Hajee Residency



Ongoing Projects

Thumbay Red Rose

Apart from the timber and plywood business, B. A. has already stepped into Real Estate business and we are proud of all our completed projects namely Thumbay Apartments- A and B blocks, Thumbay Arcadia, Thumbay Residency, Thumbay Plaza, and Thumbay Manor and Hajee Residency. Thumbay Red Rose is still an ongoing project which will be completed shortly. 

All our apartments feature:
* Two elevators of 8 passengers capacity
* Generator for common and apartment lighting with sound proof enclosure
* Children Play Area with play equipments
* Provision for cable TV connection
* Ample car parking (at extra cost)
* Security room and common toilet situated on the fround floor
* Concrete interlock paving for car parking and yard
* Verified tiles 24" X 24" for living room, dining room and bedroom
* Aluminum windows with steel grills
* Designed glazed tiles for toilet( 7' 0" height) and kitchen ( 24" above platform)
* Granite platform with stainless steel kitchen sinks
* C.P. plumbing fitting for toilets and wash basin in dining room
* Putty finished acrylic distemper painting for ceiling and walls

Thumbay Housing Colony



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We have now setup a Global Trading Division named which deals in exports of Vietnamese products to India and other countries and also Imports products and services from India and other countries into Vietnam.


Today we are proud to claim that we are one of the largest suppliers of high quality eucalyptus and gurjan core veneer of Vietnam origin to the Indian market. Our customers are spread throughout India i.e. Delhi, Ludhiana, Moradabad, Mundra, Navasheva, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore and Cochin.




Major Products traded are:

  • Core Veener
  • Sawn Timber
  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • Wood Chips
  • Face Veener
  • Fish Meal
  • Cashew Nuts
  • Indian Yellow Maze
  • Supplies to Oil and Gas Industries



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