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"God willed.......... and it Happened"

This is what our founder Mr. B Ahmed Hajee Mohiudeen replied when asked about his decision to come to Thumbay five decades ago to lay the foundation of his wood processing unit.

The B.A.GROUP was founded in the year 1957 by our founder Chairman Mr. B. Ahmed Hajee Mohiudeen. He is ably supported by his dynamic sons Mr.Thumbay Moideen, Mr.B.Abdul Salam and Mr.B.M.Ashraf. Today, The B.A.GROUP has a standing of over five decades in the Wood Industry and is a well diversified conglomerate. Our vision to become a leader in the timber and wood processing industries may have seemed remarkable at that time, given our modest beginnings in Thumbay, a small town on the outskirts of Mangalore India.

From that fledgling company in the 1960's B. Ahmed Hajee Mohiudeen & Sons are now on the threshold of rapid expansion into such development areas as Urban housing, Education, Real Estate,Healthcare and Exports & Imports.

These few pages are a brief introduction to our work, our products and the people who have helped build The B.A.Group into this position of strength.